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Hearing disability pin badges to help people who are deaf or hearing impaired. These visual pins communicate the needs, views, and difficulties of living with hearing loss. Each disability badge is available in 15 bright colours. They’re also great for anyone leaning BSL or ASL sign language.

Hearing Loss Badges

BSL Level 1 Pin Badge


Hearing Loss Badges

BSL Level 2 Pin Badge


Why deaf & hard of hearing pin badges matter!

Every pin badge in this section was design by Terry one of the owners of Occasions Boxed and a wearer of hearing aids! Terry has severe hearing loss and knows first hand the troubles deaf and hard of people face on a daily basis.

All of the hearing pin badges are designed to help people with a hearing problem communicate quickly and without the need to feel awkward. Telling someone that you can't hear them, need them to lower a face mask or that you need to see their lips to lip read isn't ever easy to do. This can prove very difficult for children or the elderly with hearing loss.

These the deaf pin badges have been design to help.

These hearing disability pin badges pin are suitable for any age group or degree of hearing loss from slight to the fully deaf and will help make life a little easier by communicating a hearing problem without having to say a word! If you wear the correct pin they may even create a few giggles as well!

All pin badges come in two great size of either 38 or 58mm. They are brightly coloured and feature clear and easy to read text.

If you cannot find hearing loss wording you would like on a pin badge don't worry you can also Design Your Own.

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